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I came across this very smart piece of communication while walking home from the final destination of my bike ride after yet another flat tire.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Jimmy Possum and know the company makes furniture, but I hope you will forgive a Norwegian to whom the brand was new, for his ignorance.

Jimmy Possum has put up a range of brass plates with headlines and copy between the windows at the front of their retail store in Mosman, and I thought it was a great way of communicating the brand’s personality and attitude. Needless to say, they follow up the good work on their website.

Because this sort of rhetoric is usually reserved for print ads, this placement demands attention. A shop-front is also more credible. A print ad is too far removed from the product; it is disposable and temporary, and can be compared with a Chinese whisper or a rumour.

These plates, on the other hand, are permanent and loud, and the equivalent to Jimmy Possum himself coming out to tell you about his brand. They and sets the standard for the interaction to which it invites you to enter the store to engage in.






I also find it particularly impressive that a luxury brand chooses this tactic. Its target market isn’t exactly tweens, so it would be interesting to know to what degree its approach appeals to those Mosman residents with old money burning holes in their pockets.

I believe that for someone to love a brand, others must hate it (I realise this is an abuse of the words ‘love’ and ‘hate’. What I refer to is the advertising world’s equivalent to these emotions). This is due to the nature of communities and subcultures; the more extreme the communication is, the stronger and more polarised emotions will become.

For there to be insiders, there must be outsiders –  the collective identity of the former being shaped in contrast to the latter. Bland communication, if anyone cares at all, leads to like/dislike at best.

Unique standout communication is passionate and polarising, leading to love/ hate, and thus increasing the chance of a loyal base of followers who are willing to spread the word. This is what a brand should aim for and Jimmy Possum has understood this.

Even more than sitting in his sofas though, I want to change my name to Jimmy Possum.


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