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Shipping is the New Shopping

On a recent trip to New Zealand and Christchurch it was depressing to see the amount of damage done by the earthquakes last year. Most of the city centre is still closed off, but a highlight was the new Cashel Mall. The original mall having been demolished, it has now been re-built with shipping containers.

The temporary mall opened last October and consists of 27 shops and cafes housed in colorful containers with glass fronts. It will be interesting to see whether it becomes permanent, and I for one think it definitely should be. It says a lot about the attitude of the people and it could become an iconic and well recognised feature of an otherwise rather generic medium-sized city.

One of the most distinct changes to the Christchurch skyline is the absence of church spires as some of the city’s biggest churches and cathedrals have been left in ruins. One can but pray that religious communities will be as creative and innovative as the (slightly) less idealistic retail sector…

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