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Today’s Top-Ten List

We are not just about to enter a new year; we’re at the doorstep of a brandnew decade. It’s the end of another ten-year period soon to be defined by the pop-culture which dominated it; January 1 becoming the date by which we separate two eras. Rather than a sliding scale of 20 different and unique years, the collective mind will refer to two distinct decades; as if everything from fashion and music trends to the economy and sociopolitical situations magically change overnight and 1999 and 2000 have as much or as little in common as do 1990 and 2009.

We’ll have to wait for the bright lights of belated wisdom to find out how history will define 2000-2010; at the dawn of what is yet to come we are left with summaries of what has just been. A tabloid society gets what it deserves and it is thus top-ten list galore in media; this blog being no honorable exception.

I wanted to kick off a new year of searching for a job (if it sounds like I’m in it for the long run, it is completely unintentional) with a post that is on brief; without too many digressions. As a result my top-ten list is both progressive and self-indulgent; it has got nothing to do with the decade that was and everything to do with me and the year to come. Considering that my competitors’ lists are all on the same topics (movies, records, people who shaped the history etc. etc.), I am proud to present a list not even Google will find anywhere else:

The top-ten reasons for why you should hire me as your new planner in 2010

  1. I’m a curious person. I read books on politics, sociology, advertising, current affairs, psychology, marketing and philosophy. It may sound like I must be very smart or very pretentious, but I’m neither; I just like to learn new stuff.
  2. I’m interested in people; what motivates our actions and how we influence each other, how culture is formed and how individuals contribute to shape culture. And what role brands can play in all this.
  3. I’m creative. At least fairly. It’s a bit like saying I’m intelligent; it’s something you need to show rather than tell. A bit like being a credible brand. Nevertheless.
  4. I’m intelligent too. Ok, everything’s relative, but the point I’m trying to make is that the prospect of using both the right and left half of the brain is what I find attractive about strategic planning, and that I believe my skills include representatives from both halves.
  5. I’m a consumer; I want brands to treat me with respect; I believe in treating others the way one wants others to treat oneself.
  6. I believe in big ideas; I want to come up with and develop, original and credible, holistic concepts.
  7. I’m critical and honest; I question everything and tell you my honest opinion. Not everyone likes that.
  8. I’m motivated. I left a well-paid job in Norway to start a new career in planning in Sydney. All I want is a chance to make myself indispensable.
  9. An effective strategy must consider all tactics. I have experience from agencies specializing in advertising, public relations, media planning and below-the-line. Not years and years of experience, but still….
  10. Once I start working on something, my brain never rests. Pay for 8 hours, get 12 hour for free!

Happy New Year!


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