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A Scratch in a Scratch Free Surface

There are many ways in which you can devalue your brand. As Ecco, and more recently Virgin Money, demonstrated, adhering to the genre conventions of infomercials is one way. Another is Apple’s inability to sort out their factories in China. Or, to be fair, they did sort out one problem. After a number of bothersome employees committed suicide by jumping out factory windows, they barred the windows. That’ll solve it! Apple is no charity organisation, and Steve Jobs was certainly no Bill Gates in the philanthropy department. But they are business savvy, and one would therefore expect them to learn from the Nike sweat-shop backlash and at least pretend to care about the less well off among their employees. No matter what the motivation behind it – and a capitalist motivation is better than none – it is surprising that the posterbrand for consistency puts its reputation at risk for pocket change.


Banksy is not a brand in the traditional sense, but he is a brand. The devaluation of what he’s built is not his fault, but you know you’re no longer cutting edge when your artwork is sold as suburban wallpaper at a 75% discount on Living Social. Big W isn’t the only place brands go to die…



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