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I love this campaign from MCM in France; a TV channel which traditionally only played music videos, they wanted to create awareness of its new range of programs, a mix of martial arts, hot girls and cartoons. Interestingly, rather than continuing on the music theme, they developed the product with a very specific target market in mind: geeks. Geeks are cool these days, mind you, so it doesn’t really just talk to the real McCoys, of which there are few, but to every wannabe geek out there. In Australia, for example, geek, with its positive connotations would engage many more people than the more negatively charged hipster.

Except, perhaps, for those stations which rely on the explosive mix of reality-TV and sitcoms for the discerning young woman (not that MCM offer much of an intellectual work-out), most channels are developed around a theme or area of interest. Which is fine, except the viewers are found in a diverse range of demographics, and with the theme in question as the only common denominator, the marketing ends up being fairly predictable. This campaign is everything but. With an extremely inventive use of media (well tied in with the programming and its stars), they have found something totally unrelated which the target market have in common. Creatively, this takes the campaign to a new level, making it fun and fresh and original. As well as being really well executed, it has a distinct voice and personality which feels right for the brand, it is highly differentiating (something particularly a real geek will appreciate), and they provide the customer/viewer with a genuine value-add! Have a look


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