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What it says on the tin

Evolution and Revolution

Sometimes advertising people make ads for each other and focus too much on the attitude and being cool. But not all brands can be edgy and cool. Although I quite like the strategy in the two below ads, the leap from current perceptions (which I refuse to believe is anything but dull and bland or non-existent) to what these ads aim to convey is too big. The result is low advertising recall: despite noticing both for these very reasons, I struggled to remember what brands the ads were for. Ten minutes on Google was necessary.

I quite like the Eftpos ad and I’m willing to forgive the similarity to Playstation’s legendary Double Lives. But Eftpos is no Playstation. Is it possible to get there? Perhaps, but a lot of work is needed before this ad feels instinctively right for the brand. Which is a shame as the thinking behind it is good.

I also like the Codral ad, particularly for its willingness to stand out in a bland and generic category. However, I think the target audience (mums) may be alienated by the attitude and tone of voice. Also here, the leap from bland to cool is too big and with packaging that drowns in the already sterile pharmacy environment, I doubt many will remember what the brand is. It may, however, be effective as a category expanding strategy, in which case it would be better suited for the market leader. But again, the personality must feel credible and be reinforced in other channels, particularly retail.

Evolution is boring, but patience is rewarded. A brand, which in terms of image comes from nothing is not likely to emerge victorious from a revolution. Rather it will only add to history’s graveyard of brands whose courage and ambitions were not matched by their insight and self-awareness.


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