Marius on Strategy and Communication

What it says on the tin

Presidential Differentiation

Politicians have to be everything to everyone more than any other brand, and the campaigns suffer as a result. Yet one would think it shouldn’t be that difficult to differentiate oneself from only one other competitor; one with a fundamentally different world view. Are the differences between the two parties too complex for the American people to grasp, or are the parties underestimating their voters? Probably a bit of both. Still, why hasn’t anyone found a more efficient way of communicating with voters than lies, spin and smear campaigns? Why didn’t they learn anything from Obama’s -08 campaign? Sure, after four years of facing reality, the context is slightly different this time around, but the potential for a bigger vision and positions never disappears from political campaigns. If anyone needs to be a lighthouse brand it’s the president of the US of A

Anyways, I really just wanted to post this video:


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