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Step Back Into the Real World

Sometimes working in marketing and advertising means you have to take a step back in order to see the big picture. By being emerged in the world of advertising we become blind to the world around us, in which those we try to influence live. We stop questioning our industry’s assumptions and conventions and start believing there’s substance to the hype, spin and jargon jam-packed with buzzwords.


When a particular brand takes up a disproportionate amount of our time and mental energy, we start thinking this is the relationship real people have with the brand. Minor differences become revolutionary, and customers become fans. The Arab Spring was revolutionary; a crunchier chip is not. Justin Bieber has fans; brands still only have customers.

We become so immersed in clients’ world that we start thinking like them instead of their customers. And that’s when we start producing the sort of flawed and clichéd work that only someone who gets paid to care can work up any enthusiasm for.

Meanwhile, real people in the real world go about their daily lives with thousands of more important things on their minds than our brands and their problems.

So take a step back, re-calibrate your mind and start thinking like the real person that you are and not a marketer. Then look at the problem again.

One recent example of the inflated self image that so many brands suffer from:


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