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Stuff I’ve Done – BUPA

Retail Strategy, Brand Activation, Store Design


BUPA is a not-for-profit health insurance company with hundreds of retail centres that were only used for claims. When they launched their new proposition – Helping you live healthier and happier lives – our job was to demonstrate this in reail, by developing a unique products and services offer.

While all Australians are potential customers, we decided to focus on young mums as the primary target for this offer (most health aware, currently least loyal, long potential future etc).


We found that the target audience was increasingly health aware and sought out health related information for their family and themselves.


We identified a gap in the market for a holistic health service and developed the Health Planner.

This is a low-barrier service which allows you to be proactive about your health. Sitting between a pharmacy and GP, it consists of a private consultation with a nurse, and includes a number of tests (e.g. blood-pressure and cholesterol), as well as an online questionnaire. The outcome is a personal health plan that addresses all aspects of your life – e.g. exercise, nutrition and sleep and stress management – and helps you take action to ensure a healthier lifestyle.

Three product categories were developed, designed mainly to support the Health
Planner service and get you started on your plan: Healthy Living, Healthy Eating and Healthy Kids.

A second service called the Health Navigator, was also created. This is a concierge service which provides people with help to navigate an incredibly complex health system, as well as expertise on BUPA’s primary focus, health insurance.

The stores were redesigned to convey a health and well-being atmosphere, as opposed to the previous sterile environment of a claims office.


From the Brisbane store.


The concept is currently being tested in three pilot stores across the country.


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