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Stuff I’ve Done – Craft Beer

This is my initial thinking on a freelance project I’m working on. I would love to hear your thoughts.


This craft-beer (the name of which has yet to be made official) is the result of one man’s passions for home-brewing. Starting out as a hobby in a garage in Redfern, it is now in the process of being commercialised. It is, however, but one of many, many craft-beers and micro-brews to hit the market these days – and so, great quality won’t be enough to win the fight for survival and prosperity.


Beer is potent cultural currency, and one’s beer of choice communicates a lot about oneself.  Currently, as a beer drinker, you are either a man’s man; a down to earth Aussie bloke, or a beer connoisseur (genuinely, or pretentiously, so). The former market is served by bland mass-produced lagers such as VB, Carlton Draught and Tooheys; while the more interesting varieties are all targeted at the latter.

The result is that craft-beers have become virtually unavailable for the masses, as they perceive these to be for “pretentious wankers”.

There’s a gap in the market, and we’re well placed to fill it.


Democratising craft-beer

We believe beer is for enjoying, not for showing off. We want to grant everyone permission to enjoy a uniquely crafted craft-beer with a distinctive taste and personality, without worrying about what their mates will say.

This will be done by providing a cheeky and opposing voice to the pretentiousness which dominates the foodie and winey cultures, the victims of which include many of our competitors. By challenging conventions, we will articulate what many feel, thereby creating an ideological connection (as previously mentioned here).

Further, leveraging what appears to be a growing home-brewing trend, we will empower consumers by educating them about our brewing process, but by taking the mystery out of it (the origins of our ingredients are the supermarket, not yet-to-be-discovered exotic locations; water from the tap, not ancient glaciers).

This way we can credibly claim to be a well-crafted beer, by the people, for the people.


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