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Stuff I’ve Done – Dymocks

I will post some short casestudies of projects I’ve been involved with and file them under Portfolio. First up is Dymocks:


Creative Comms Strategy, Digital Strategy


Dymocks faces increasingly intense competition from Amazon. With more books at better prices and with superior personal recommendations, why would anyone shop at Dymocks? Having to operate under the For Booklover’s proposition (which is admittedly as bland as they come), we had to identify a point of difference from Amazon, as well as local competitors, and develop a creative platform around this. Our challenges were a very limited budget and not being allowed to address any aspects of their e-commerce or website.


Dymocks’ own research showed that 60% of books are purchased as gifts. Knowing the emotional effort that goes into finding gifts that mean something to the recipient, there was an opportunity for a service proposition. Dymocks great range and their staff’s knowledge of, and passion for, books (franchisees) meant Dymocks could credibly claim to help you find the perfect gift; whether it’s for your 15 year old sports nut of a nephew or cup-cake queen mother-in-law.


The proposition became Dymocks Matchmaker – There’s a book for everyone, and we help you find it, positioning Dymocks as the retailer who brings books and readers together for the intense relationships that the best reading experiences are. This lead to, among other activities, the Matchmaker Facebook app


What stops people from getting advice in-store for then to buy online? Convenience and consciousness; having received great service makes us inclined to reciprocate with a purchase (if you’ve been wine-tasting lately, you probably know the feeling). Also, few people plan their gift purchases the necessary 12-18+ working days in advance.


Problem solved? Not even close. Amazon remains a massive threat, and until the book industry takes some giant leaps to into the future and joins the rest of us, they will all follow Borders and A&R. Some (most?) problems simply cannot be solved with clever rhetoric and 3 for 2 offers. Operating within such a rich cultural territory, there is great potential for a more ideologically based campaign. However, fighting, denying or ignoring the trend towards online shopping is best left to Gerry Harvey and his dinosaur buddies.


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