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Rebel Sport and Amart All-Sports are two big-box sports retailers which were recently purchased by Super Retail Group. While Amart is currently almost exclusively in Qld, the ambitions are to expand nationally.

The two brands were perceived by customers to be very similar and difficult to define. The two brands dominate the middle of the market, but end up cannibalising each other’s sales.

Our job was therefore to reposition and differentiate the two brands and broaden their set of competitors while maintaining their dominance in the middle.


Level of sports enthusiasm is the key driver in the category, and determines customers’ choice of sports retailer.


Sports retailers ranged from BIG W to specialist stores, and could be positioned on a scale according to their customers’ level of sports enthusiasm, and it was along this scale perceptions had to be managed.

We developed statements of strategic intent according to our 7Ps (4 marketing Ps plus People, Presentation and Processes) for both brands, the focus being on consistency across all customer touch points

Rebel will move towards specialist retailers and aim to appeal to the true sports enthusiast (for which they were seen as too bland and mass market) . They will focus on doing fewer categories better; higher quality equipment (and better/best price points) and service; premium locations and more aspirational communication.

Amart will move towards the mass market and appeal to families and social athletes with more of a value proposition; big box destination locatios; wider range; last year’s products; more focus on games and kids’ products etc. They will compete with DDS and online (on price).

Their new brand identity was subsequently created by Hulsbosch:





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