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Stuff I’ve Done – Snowgum

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Snowgum was in need of a rebranding to stand out in the homogenous and competitive outdoors adventure market. While the category convention was a focus on extreme sports and families constituting the majority of their customers, the challenge was to be aspirational without being boring.


People want to be more adventurous, but one step at the time.


The brand proposition became: Expand Your Comfort Zone, the idea being that with Snowgum’s quality gear and expertise you’ll feel comfortable to be more daring and adventurous.

This was manifested in brand id and store design through the concept of “layers of experiences”. Inspired by the resilience of the Snowgum tree, its rings were used as a visual device which would take on a number of meanings, e.g. layers of clothing, topography of outdoors environments, time zones (travelling is a major category), temperature mapping etc. This provided us with a consistent visual language to use across categories and to convey different qualities for different categories.

To improve the brand experience, the new stores were designed to “bring the outdoors in” wherever possible. This included natural materials, topography-shaped ceilings and temperature controlled fitting rooms.

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