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Brand Strategy: Positioning & Implementation

I’ve always found it challenging to define brands in a meaningful way in writing. Words never seem to justify the complexity of a great brand. So what should a brand document contain, how do we define and express brands? This is very much a work in progress, and there should definitely be room for visual references, but here are a couple of slides I’ve come up with.

The first is around positioning. If we start with a more ambitious position in culture, this will form a great foundation to also create a role or position in people’s lives. This then leads to favourable perceptions of key drivers of the brand in a way messaging cannot create, and thus a position in the category as well. If we start at the top we usually end up with wishful thinking and positioning that exist only in the minds of marketers and not in those of people in the real world.

The second is about implementing the strategy so that the organisation and brand comes together and forms one entity. First we analyse the current practice on each and every touch point. Then, using the new strategy and positioning(s) as a guide, we outline the specific actions that are to be taken across each touchpoint to make sure it reflects the new strategy and conveys the brand in a clear and distinct way.

This has a few advantages:

Makes sure the strategy leads to actual change that can realistically be put into practice, that

these actions are part of an evolution rather than evolution, and

Is complex enough to involve every aspect of the organisation in the brand – meaning the two become one.

Let me know what you think!


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