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No More Problems Left to Solve

I was reminded today of how important it is to start every project with a clear idea of the problem we want to solve. Sometimes we take it for granted that every product just needs a refreshed brand and some advertising to sell more. But as I sat at my local cafe, The Shot on Military rd, I found myself thinking about what I’d do for them if they asked for a brand and comms strategy. And I found the prospect more scary than if Coke asked me to launch Coke Life (which I’m sure they regret now that they didn’t), cause I just couldn’t think of much at all. Where would I start? They’ve got a cool brand, dominated by the owner himself which is a great character. Their food and coffee is great, and they seem to be pretty busy most of the time. So they don’t really need help with neither the brand nor the product. I suppose they don’t do too much comms, but for a local cafe, the outlet itself is the main channel of communication. The target market consists of locals who walks pass it regularly anyway. Of course, nothing is perfect, and I’m sure one could tweak the menu as well as whatever they do social media wise, re-think their loyalty program and perhaps do a bit more local advertising of come kind. But these are just tactics, minor tweaks and optimisation, nothing that calls for a big idea.

Maybe they just haven’t got any problems that needs solving. Then what!? They don’t need someone like me? That’s impossible, surly, everybody needs someone like me! And then it hit me, and this may seem obvious, but if there are no problems, it must mean there are opportunities. And the opportunity for someone like these guys, would be to expand.

And that would create a whole bunch of work for someone like me. Where do we open? What is the secret to their success? What aspects should they replicate and what would they need to change when opening up in a different neighbourhood? What are the implications of bringing a local celebrity brand to someplace new? 

So that was a relief, to find that there was a need for someone like me after all.


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