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How Coke Life Should Have Been Launched

With the recent launch of Coke Life I believe a great opportunity to create a long-term brand has been missed. Cultural sensitivity and a basic understanding of Coke’s brand equity … Continue reading

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A Number’s Game

Australian brands are being devalued and commoditised due to four factors: an obsession with short-term effects, a lack of creativity, complete and utter risk-aversion and a lack of fundamental understanding … Continue reading

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Transmedia and the Essence of Story

A couple of weeks ago I went to listen to a guy called Jeff Gomez talk about transmedia. If that sounds like a buzzword, it’s because it is. In the … Continue reading

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Brand Strategy: Positioning & Implementation

I’ve always found it challenging to define brands in a meaningful way in writing. Words never seem to justify the complexity of a great brand. So what should a brand document … Continue reading

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How To Think About Brands Differently

We all want to develop meaningful brands, but somehow usually end up sliding down the well-slidden slope of clichés and conventions. I’m constantly thinking about how to develop brands that stand … Continue reading

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Australia’s Communications Problem: Mumbrella Opinion Piece

I wanted to start a debate around the way we do things strategically and creatively, and challenge the fundamental principles on which our industry’s output is based. In order to … Continue reading

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Coming Up: Interview With Douglas Holt

Douglas Holt, author of How Brands Become Icons and Cultural Strategy, has kindly agreed to answer a few questions. That’s coming soon, so if I were you I’d watch this … Continue reading

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